GZ mini excavator production line in construction machinery industry of AGV flexible logistics system planning and application

Construction machinery
AGV flexible logistics system

As a leading manufacturer of construction machinery industry, a group enterprise is committed to creating a "unmanned and intelligent" logistics scene in the micro excavator manufacturing factory. To this end, GZ robot in-depth analysis and optimization of logistics layout, the two sides work together to create the construction machinery industry mini excavator production line AGV flexible logistics system.

One Belt and One Road

With the continuous promotion of "One Belt and One Road" and new infrastructure policies, China's construction machinery industry has achieved rapid development, and the demand for excavators is rising. According to the statistics released by China Construction Machinery Industry Association in January 2022, from January to December 2021, a total of 342,800 excavators were sold, with a year-on-year increase of 15,200, or 4.63%. Among them, 274,400 units were sold domestically; 68,400 units were exported, up 97 percent year-on-year. It can be foreseen that the construction machinery industry represented by excavators will usher in a new round of growth.

Machinery industry

A group enterprise is one of the world's leading manufacturers of construction machinery industry, its business covers more than 150 countries and regions, and various excavator series equipment is its fist products. Among them, the micro excavator manufacturing factory deeply integrates information technology and manufacturing process, and has intelligent manufacturing functions such as self-perception of information depth, intelligent optimization and self-decision, precise control and self-execution. It is the benchmark "lighthouse factory" of the construction machinery industry with few people, digitalization and intelligence.

The factory originally

The factory originally relied on manual lifting, forklift transfer and other traditional production modes, which restricted the improvement of material operation efficiency and hampered the rapid improvement of enterprise capacity. The uncertainties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have further strained employment and greatly affected the actual operating rate of enterprises. The original manpower based material and parts logistics turnover mode has become a bottleneck for enterprises to improve their manufacturing capacity. In the face of high-quality orders with urgent delivery date, enterprises are "willing but not able", thus losing part of the market by mistake.

Market demand

In the face of the rapid growth of market demand, as well as the outbreak, uncertainty of employment, the group company in early 2021, in the use of advanced equipment manufacturing logistics scene building "unmanned, intelligent," implementation "efficiency", improve capacity and intelligent degree, and further build factory "lighthouse" vision.

Project overview

In 2019 ~ 2020, GZ robot has successfully for the group's large excavators, medium-sized excavators, small excavators and other manufacturing workshops logistics intelligent upgrade, 2021 the group again to work with GZ robot, its miniature excavator manufacturing workshop to upgrade.

Technical difficulties and innovations

As the demand of flexible manufacturing becomes more and more urgent, a production line often needs to produce a variety of different models. As the price of steel increases, the traditional plate chain and RGV production mode not only has high cost, but also needs to carry out destructive transformation on the ground, which not only affects the appearance, but also cannot meet the requirements of flexible assembly. The flexible AGV logistics system can easily increase or decrease the number of work stations according to the production order, perfect solution to these problems. In the production process, if there is a single car device missing, the premise of subsequent orders can not cause production shutdown, effectively improve the assembly efficiency, engineering machinery assembly workshop to use AGV for equipment assembly will be the general trend.


So far, the group has been in Europe, America, South Asia and other countries to realize the localization trial-produce, beginning in 2022, will be hand in hand with GZ the AGV flexible transport system gradually applied to the overseas manufacturing base, will be to reduce inventory and improve production efficiency and turnover rate, reduce labor cost, occupational safety management greatly enhance the level of manufacturing and build factories wisdom.