Wonderful five years and expecting future |2000 pieces have been put into operation, Guozi renew the five-year exclusive supplier cooperation agreement with Staples

In August 2021,with the new round of "Robot Service Agreement" signed, Guozi and Staples start their new round of five years strategic cooperation which is the second time cooperation since 2017. In the coming five years, Guozi will continue to provide Intelligent storage robot system for Stapless warehouse as only supplier.


In 2016, Guozi joined hands with staples for the first time and explored the new model of e-commerce warehousing and logistics together. As the beginning of the global  storage system intellectualization of Staple, Guozi has provided high-quality services for staples in the past five years, and more than 2000 robots have been put into operation in seven warehouses of Staples, helping the rapid development of staples e-commerce business.

In the past five years, Guozi has continuously iterated robot products and systems, made targeted program base on different scene and set up many after-sales service station at North America to provide  24 / 7 service.


In 2021, in spite of the prevalent of COVID-19, Guozi overcome lots of difficulties, gathered implementing experience and field data, optimized implementation plan and tools, improved operational efficiency. The implementation process of the New York warehouse took only 4 month ,which is 5 month earlier than project need, and successful accepted in August. Guozi has its methodology for high efficiency work mode. On the one hand, Guozi establish close cooperation with customers, optimize operation path, accelerate project progress with sufficient project implementing experience. On the other hand, Guozi pursues ‘better’. Through the continuous upgrading and improvement of the software and hardware functions of the product, Guozi can ensure that the product to be more stable and reliable. In a highly mature scheduling system, the picking efficiency of New York warehouse project improved more that 30%. With these merit, Guozi’s product and service are usually praised by our customer, and it also further consolidated the foundation for continued cooperation between the two sides.


Joined hand to future, make story for tomorrow


In the future five years, Staples will entry the new phase of electrical business, the need for logistic robot will continually increase in the same time. Staples chose Guozi as a partner once again is an affirmation for the results of bilateral cooperation in the past five years and fully shows its confidence in Guozi products and services. We believe that in the new 5-year cooperation period just opened, the two sides will continue to stabilize the partnership and work together to open up broader prospect of intelligent storage robot.


In 2017, We started the process of globalization with the Staples project as the starting point. Up to now, Guozi has become the biggest supplier for work bin picking robot in North America. In the meantime, Guozi establish distribution network simultaneously in America, Canada, Europe, Corian ,Japan, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and so on, and has realized landing of many product and project. Brand Guozi has been listed in the Global TOP 200 AGV/AMR Companies list released by LogisticsIQ which is a research and consulting company of logistics and supply chain, and playing an important role in the development of global robotics.


Cooperation process


Staples is looking for logistics robot system partners around the world. Guozi took only 2 months from research to final product. Guozi stand out With efficient R&D ability and high quality, put project in to operation successfully and won the cooperation recognition.


Guozi signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Staples and become its only global logistics robot system supplier for the next five years. Orlando Warehouse, the first cooperative project, was implemented and successfully put into production in the same year. Picking+Cart solution was successfully applied in a large scale for the first time, marking the successful implementation of China's first overseas storage project.And, the Minnesota warehouse went into production that same year.


Three large warehouses in Los Angeles, Charlotte and Pennsylvania started on-site implementation at the same time. Los Angeles and Charlotte completed the production line in same year, and passed the test of "Black Five" picking peak, which was highly recognized by customers. Guozi intelligent logistics robots have been used in more than 1,000 units in the United States.


Pennsylvania warehouse was put into operation smoothly.


With the outbreak of COVID-19, we overcame difficulties to complete the project implementation and successfully put the Denver warehouse into operation.


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, more than 300 robots went implementation in New York warehouse in just four months.