Appearing for three consecutive years, Guozi Robotics with SLIM&C20 shines MODEX2022

On March 28, 2022, MODEX, a biennial event, opened at Georgia International Exhibition Center in Atlanta, USA. Guozi brought two physical products, SLIM Forward moving robot, Narrow lane heavy-duty All-direction moving robot C20, and several mature industrial logistics solutions to the guests. This is Guozi's third consecutive appearance at MODEX since 2018.


MODEX is the famous material handling, supply chain and logistics solutions exhibition in North America. It is held every two years and is sponsored by the Material Handling Association of America, the largest and most influential material handling industry association in the United States and North America.

In MODEX2022,Both of the Guozi robot models are making their north American debuts. The SLIM series of robots, innovatively designed by Guozi and the first to be promoted in the industry, have won high recognition from customers since its launch three years ago due to its strong adaptability to various storage circulation and industrial logistics scenarios. SLIM moving robot, the width of the working channel is only 2M, the maximum load reaches 1.4t, the lifting height reaches 4.5m, not only can adapt to the most widely used "Tian", "Sichuan" word tray, but also can adapt to all kinds of non-standard fittings, and can be customized according to customer needs to meet the needs of different scenarios.


From 2019 to 2021, China's construction machinery is in a rapid development stage. Guozi's heavy-Carrier series of robots have performed very well in this field. Currently, Guozi has undertaken nearly 100 projects to realize unmanned intelligent production line for many "lighthouse factories" at home and abroad. C20 overloading robot is a narrow type, the body only 618 mm wide, and maximum load of 1500 kg, can omnidirectional mobile, is in 2021 by Guozi overloading robot new members of the family, with its ultra narrow body characteristics, brought more heavy demand scenarios application possibility, will further boost heavy manufacturing industry to achieve rapid development.


North America is the starting point for the rapid development of global business of Guozi Robotics. Currently, Guozi Robotics has long-term application experience of more than 2,000 robots here and is the largest supplier of box picking robots in North America. Complete and mature intelligent logistics scheduling system and solutions for customers in North America intelligent logistics upgrade to bring more abundant and reliable choices.


Guozi Robotics has also established a distribution network in the United States, Canada, Europe, South Korea, Japan, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, realizing the landing of multiple products and projects. Guozi Robotics has been included in the global TOP 200 AGV/AMR Companies list released by LogisticsIQ, a logistics and supply chain research and consulting company, playing an important role in the development of Robotics around the world.