Product & System double CE certification, GZ Intelligent storage and handling solution for food industry landed in Italy

Italian cuisine is renowned around the world and the food industry is one of the most important industries in Italy. Recently, GZ food industry intelligent warehousing and handling solutions for the first time in Italy, with more than 100 logistics robots as the core, to bring customers flexible, intelligent, efficient intelligent warehousing and logistics new mode, and the products and systems used are CE certification, safe and reliable guarantee.

The Italian customer is a manufacturer integrating agricultural planting, production, processing, packaging and transportation. Under the background of the rapid development of global intelligent storage, we are committed to creating a new intelligent warehouse for food production. The intelligent storage and handling solution provided by GZ, with Ants A3 and Slim stacking robots as the core, realizes the automatic flow of pallets and bins in the storage area, conveying line and picking station, replaces manual operation and helps the intelligent upgrade of the operation mode of traditional food industry.


GZ intelligent warehouse handling solution delivers point-to-point handling tasks to the robot REX system according to the customer's upper business system (WMS). After the robot completes the task, it actively feedback the completion signal to the upper business system (WMS), forming a task closed loop. Aiming at the characteristics of food production warehouse with many kinds of food and complex production process, dynamic storage location management and dynamic route planning are innovatively used in software development to make storage and handling more intelligent and effectively cope with complex environment.


In the field operation area, Ants A3, the latent lifting robot, will transport fully loaded turnover boxes and food packaging materials to the designated area to complete the picking, transportation and cleaning, etc. Slim stacker robot will carry pallets filled with packaging materials and food finished products pallets completed by quality inspection to improve the efficiency of transportation and warehousing. Using GZ intelligent storage and handling solution, the overall product output is 2-3 times that of the traditional food industry, and the operation efficiency is improved by 80%.


GZ intelligent storage handling solutions to greatly improve warehouse handling efficiency, accelerate the operation of food production process, while ensuring safe and healthy production and operation process and environment. GZ robots and related systems have passed the CE standard certification, GZ help customers speed up at the same time also fully ensure product quality and safety, to ensure that consumers, workers in a safe and healthy product environment.

GZ as one of the few companies with a full range of logistics robots, has a long time, a wide range of project and product application experience, can meet the needs of global customers in different scenarios of intelligent logistics. At present, we have provided high-quality robot products and services for more than a thousand customers at home and abroad, and achieved project delivery in North America, Europe, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and many other countries and regions.